Timeless living spaces with the warmth and beauty of natural timber flooring.

Welcome to OCEAN FLOORS, a local independent company with over 20 years experience in the Gold Coast timber flooring industry. 

OCEAN FLOORS specialise in the installation and finishing of quality timber flooring with an acute attention to detail and customer service. We understand there are many things to consider for your new timber floor, whether it be choosing the right species of timber, what type of flooring, or even down to the coating system. The options are endless and can be rather overwhelming, but with our knowledge and advice we are sure to take the stress away leaving you with a smile and a natural beautiful new floor.

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Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast


At Ocean Floors we understand that a new floor in your home is a big deal. We strive to make the process as unobtrusive and streamlined as possible. Timber flooring made easy.

Albatross Avenue, Gold Coast



Contact us now for a free quote to deliver your dream floor finish.